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Every aspect of our life is affected by technology. Latest gadgets not only making our life simpler but also more enjoyable. You can take example of Smartphone. Smartphone become part of our life and we can’t imagine our life without them. We can do most of the work on our Smartphone without touching our computer or laptop. Few years back Google introduced its first Artificial Intelligence powered personal assistant and last year google launched its first virtual assistant called Google Home. I’ve been using Google home from last year and I wanted to share my experiences that I had with this amazing product. I have hosted my amazing products pictures on pixstore. You can see there my Google amazing products.


Google home is like another member of our family that helps us in every way. You can do all of your tasks without touching your Smartphone whether it is scheduling an appointment, playing a song, calling a friend or searching on the internet, Google Home can do it all. I am a freelance writer so I always forgot my daily tasks but from past year Google Home is helping me in completion of my every task. It also adapt according to time. For example It knows what is the consumption rate of our grocery and it remind me when anything about to finish. It also very accurate, it understands everything easily in every noisy condition. With time it is getting better and better and more accurate. It remembers previous quarries that mean you can also start conversation with Google Home. For example: Who wins the Olympic 100 meter race, what was his height and age at that time, what is his nationality, and Google home will give you every answer with ease.

From last year this virtual assistant is making my life simple and easy and I found it a very useful product. Tell me what are your experiences with this product in the comment section. You can buy Google Home from their official website.

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