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Our way of living changed completely due to evolution in technology. This has also put a huge impact on today’s children. Now likes dislikes of today’s younger generation is completely different and the way they handle the tech is just un-imaginable. For example my five year old nephew knows completely how to use a Smartphone, sometimes he performs specific tasks on it that was know nothing about. So sometimes it becomes very difficult for parents to select a birthday present their children because they didn’t know much about their likes and dislikes. In This article I will give you a list of gadgets that can help you to select a birthday present for your child.



If you ask me personally I just love swegway. This is the coolest gadget that I someone ever made. A swegway is like a skateboard but it is electronic that means you don’t need to waste you energy in paddling. You can control its speed with a remote control and also on by changing your wait while driving swegway. Swegway is a best option but don’t let your kids drive on busy roads. Yes driving swegway is completely secure but I personally advice you to first learn it properly, also don’t forget the safety measurements. A swegway will cost you around $140 to $160. There are many websites from where you can buy swegways easily but I trust When it comes to quality and reliability They are no.1 in UK. Looking for best offers? Here you can buy your first swegway.

Image of swegways

Nikon D3400

If your kid is love taking photographs and passionate about photography then you can give him D3400 that not only help him to build basic professional skills but also boost his creativeness. D3400 is compact, light-weight and also it has many features that will strong the foundation of photography of your kids. It has a unique guide mode that help in every step and guide you to take a perfect shot. It will cost you around $499.95 only.

nikon d3400

Anki Cozmo

Having cost of $179 Anki is a Smart robot that has many unique features including face recognition, it can play games and even learn few things. Cozmo Interact with three LED Cubes that also interact with you as you play with it. The best thing cozmo is that it believes it has its own personality that’s why it is the first choice of children. From Amazon you can buy Anki Cozmo at best price.

Anki Cozmo

Altair AA108

Everyone just loves drones and they are most popular in younger generation. Kids are just crazy about drones. If your child is also in that category then Altair is the best buy for you. Best thing about Altair is that is many unique features that put it in the race of other flagship models and also it is very affordable and cost you around $129 to $159 only.

Veho Digital Microscope

If you kid love science then this digital microscope is best option for you. Digital microscope works as a ordinary microscope like it can help you to see things that you can’t with naked eye secondly you can connect it easily with your Mac or windows device via USB. It will only cost you $79.99 only.

In the end I would say it is not about how expensive or the beautiful the gift is but how much love is there when you give it to your child. The main idea of gift is your kid must know how much you love him/her.